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Jan 1, 2011 10:00am EST
. princess of the powerpoint. your core competency... is competency. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i'm getting an upgrade. [ male announcer ] indeed, business pro. indeed. go national. go like a pro. gaue grmatains heyesy.rc g >>> happy new year to you. the new year means new laws. that is just ahead. but first, a quick check of the top stories we're following. pope benedict announced religious intolerance during his new year's mass at st. peter's basilica today. he's now planning on holding a summit of world religious leaders in italy in october to promote peace. it will take place on the 25th anniversary of a similar event. 21 people were killed in egypt after a car bombing attack. 79 others were wounded. eight of the wounded are muslim from a nearby mosque that was also damaged. >>> and back in this country, a tense standoff in texas ended friday when police stormed a bank and rescued the hostages. they are all safe. two alleged bank robbers are now un
Jan 7, 2011 5:00pm EST
governor, andrew cuomo gave his state of the speech addressed this week. here's the powerpoint presentation to emphasize his key points, covering ethics spending and what he calls smarter government. the governor also spoke out in favor of same-sex marriage. this is 50 minute. >> like them either, this is a time of change and renewal and eech w is open on her and a privilege to introduce to the podium for it is both his very first state of the state message. governor andrew cuomo. [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you. [applause] thank you very much. thank you.k you. thank you. thank you. well, good afternoon, new york. it is a better afternoon then die. 2200 people are here today to talk about their government and the way they never has before. afternoonnew yo good afternoon, new york.fternoon okay, first let me begin by me acknowledging a truly extraordinary public servant. he was a great mayor of rochester. he is going to be -- that's rochester.going he is going to be a phenomenalg
FOX News
Jan 25, 2011 11:00am EST
that sparked this investigation came through fort lewis in may, in one powerpoint presentation a army regular referred to the soldier as weekend warriors in baseball caps. and some were told to subit up and leave the base. soldiers complained that their concerns about post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain disorders were dismissed. they demanded the army investigate. >> they should have a soft landing and integrated fairly and a full benefit of federal service and healthcare and everything else. >> reporter: we also interviewed specialist tony stevens who served two tours in combat with the army nation tphal guard. he returned in 2007 with ptsd and traumatic brain injury and several other injuries. the va declared him one hundred% disabled unemployable and has been paying him $3,000 a month. he has been fighting to get a discharge, and benefits. >> i served hopb or plea. i should get my benefits and repair my life the way i see fit. >> reporter: the army wouldn't comment on stevens' case. we did interview another unit that was demobilized later after the one last year in may, they
Jan 10, 2011 8:30am EST
that he has set in motion, he and his team. he will then do a powerpoint and then we'll open it up to q & a. so with that, david is going to come and do his presentation. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, everyone. thank you for coming. it's an honor to be here and thank you, peter, thank you to the foundation for providing -- for hosting today. i suspect that most in the audience and whether here in the room or from one of the cameras watching what we're doing still remember where they were on september 11, 2001, when they heard that two hours had been hit by two aircraft. i certainly remember. and i was in a traffic jam in virginia. the first call came from cnn where i was then national security correspondent and the second call came from my wife and she said, i'll never forget the way she put it -- she said, these two towers have been hit, do you know that yet and i said yes and she said i think it's your people. that's the wrong tone and that's the point. i had spent much of the summer because my job was national security hearing from sources in u.s. intelligence one who is prominent
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4